Friday, January 13, 2006

One for for me!

I dropped a ton of money at the UIC Bookstore today...and it wasn't even on books. I spent the money all on UIC baby apparel for a dear friend who is pregnant! Boy, who would have thought that those licensed baby clothes were EXPENSIVE? Those kids will outgrow the apparel in no time! Steve and Barry's really need to start thinking of a newborn department because I would be first in line! You know it's all about the licensing and the logo which causes the prices to skyrocket.

So then I needed some good retail therapy. Nothing like buying stuff for others that shout for more spending. First stop was Express. Jeans were $29.99, and jackets were $49.99. There were party tops for $9.99 and up. Sweaters were $19.99 and velour activewear was $14.99. There were boxes of tops for $9.99 and up also. Not much of a selection, I thought. The best was this rack of newly marked 50% off merchandise! I got two lambswool button-down sweaters for $14.99 each, and surprisingly a fancy camisole that I have coveted forever for $5.99. The actual coveted camisole was a lacy black number from Limited last season; however, this one was silver with black lace and is just as nice.

Then I stopped by Bath and Body Works, whose semi-annual sale is still happening. Most of the Pleasures line is 3 for $15 while the anti-bacterial gels are 4 for $10. Tutti Dolci souffles are $10 as are other creams. They had trial sizes of things they plan to introduce this season on sale for 2 for $5. However, my favorite is the 75% off table. I grabbed a couple of baskets for $2.50 each. I also succumbed to temptation and bought a Tutti Dolci Apple Torta Moisturizing Souffle and a Tutti Dolci Lemon Meringue Lotion at those sale prices. I don't even like the Tutti Dolci line that much because it is sickenly sweet, but oh, the power of retail therapy. Maybe if I ever become sane again, I'll return it.

Then I headed to Victoria's Secret where all clearance panties are now $2.99. They had GREAT choices...I got a couple of Body thongs in neutral colors! Sweet! A lot of their sleepwear was on sale too. Their bronzing lotion was also $4.99, which is a total steal. There are also some makeup kits on sale.

Finally, I stopped by the Limited because I have this coupon that says that if I purchase 5 things, my sixth would be free. They had a lot of tops for $6.99 and up. Pants were $9.99 and up. Sweaters were $14.99 and up. Alas, I couldn't really find anything that I wanted. A lot of the tops were flimsy and looked really old to me for some reason.

Now, I just have to find a place where I can get tissue paper on sale!

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