Friday, January 27, 2006

Shopping Spree at

So, the winter sale at JCrew is going on right now. They actually still have some nice merchandise. The prices are not as good as their online sale a couple years back, but I'll take the clothes at these prices. Here are some of the things I bought:

1) Belted cardigan for $59.99

2) A Car Coat Sweater for $49.99

3) Lyndsey cotten cady dress for $69.99. Isn't it so pretty? I got it in bright sherbet...I hope I can pull it off!

4) Limited Edition duchesse satin long skirt for $199.99. And if you thought buying the above dress was crazy, this definitely is. I don't even know where I would wear this too, but I really like how it drapes. Maybe I need to buy a mannequin next so I can just put the skirt on it and admire how it falls.

5) Grace silk faille dress for $69.99. Isn't this one so pretty too? I like it lots.

6) Plaza Coat with Thinsulate for $199.99. I actually didn't buy this one because I actually had acquired some sanity by this point and was wondering how well I could keep this coat in his camel color state. But I am in the need of a nice long formal coat. We'll see if I'll get this one later.

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How many weddings do you have this year?? -A

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