Saturday, April 08, 2006


A funny story:

I was at Gurnee Mills last week at the Nine West Outlet checking out their clearance sale because a friend had purchased $12 heels recently. So I walk in, and their sale of the week is Enzo Angiolini pointed slingbacks with kitten heels for $19.99, down from a regular price of $78. I think to myself that it is such a GOOD deal, and I'm on the verge of buying them. I mean, black heels from Enzo for $20? What gets better than that? You can never go wrong with black heels. However, for some reason, I refrained, and all the way home, I was berating myself and thinking, "Well, if I still feel this way tomorrow, I'll go back up there, and get them." Good thing I didn't buy them because when I got home and started counting my shoes, I discovered I already owned the same shoes!

Yes, maybe it's time to clean my closet.

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