Sunday, April 16, 2006

Steve and Barry's University Sportswear

The Steve and Barry's close by is having a $6.98 sale, where everything in the store is $6.98! So exciting.

For those of you that do not know, Steve and Barry's University Sportswear is a department style-like store started by two friends (Steve and Barry, obviously). They mainly sell university apparel and casual clothing at very decent prices. The material is somewhat of a lesser quality, but if you need a fun t-shirt or some apparel supporting your favorite college team, this is your store.

The sale has been going on for the last two weeks, but last Friday was the first time I had time to go check it out. The signs are advertising it as a grand opening sale, but this specific store has been open for almost a year. So I am somewhat confused to what that specifically means, and I am also not sure if it is a store-by-store sale or nationwide. Regardless, bargains abound! All their winter and spring clothing are on sale, including all four styles of their jeans! All collegiate sportswear are on sale from t-shirts to hoodies to hats! They also have accessories on sale from watches to jewelry. Finally, they also have workout clothes.

So I picked up several things. I picked up two pairs of jeans, one that is ultra low rise which gives new meaning to "going commando" and the other one which is also low rise, but has a sequin v design on the back pockets. I also picked up a pair of black terrycloth workout pants, but it is a little big for me. They have a smaller size so I might go back and exchange them. I also picked up a boatneck sweater and a black turtleneck. Finally, I picked up a backpack. It is really big, and yes, I really don't need one, but how can you resist for $6.98??!

I wanted to pick up some hats, but I didn't see any schools that I liked. Same went for the t-shirts. I mean, me wearing an ILLINOIS shirt would just seem so poseur-ish. And the Northwestern shirts were too big for me. Next time.



Blogger steveandbarryssux said...

Yes, the clothing is cheap. The reason that they have the generic Sale signs is that they're too cheap to keep printing new they use the closest ones they have instore.

I worked for them and I must say that they might be cheap clothing but they will be running into the same problems Walmart has had with the way they treat their employees. Just my opinion but you're getting cheaper on the backs of the workers. They also outsource as much as they can to India...and there they have job postings that say:male candidates only. Hmmm....

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