Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My Closet is a Spinning Vortex and it's Sucking Me In!

I swear, I am going to clean my closet and get rid of all the clothes that I do not wear on a regular basis. ....ok, some of the the clothes I do not wear. .... Fine. A few of the clothes I do not wear. I think I can manage that. We have to start small so my feelings of loss can be overcome by feelings of closure.

Also, I never realized how hard it is to give up a pair of jeans and how hard to find new ones you really love. I have a lot of jeans. But I have this favorite pair which really fits me well despite some of the truncal obesity I have acquired. The pair is really worn, and when I fell down the stairs two months earlier, my jeans shredded at the knee. It's still wearable, but it looks kind of weird. I've gone back to where I've gotten them, but I think the store has switched styles or whatnot because nothing fits me as well as this pair did. It's like buying a pair of shoes that you love and then when you finally run the life out of them, you're very upset because you can't find a pair exactly like them!! Wait. Is that just me?? I still have my Phoenix Sam & Libby black flip-flops which I should just finish wearing and then throw out, but I can't find a pair that I love as much as these! And it's been...5 years that I've continously looked!

Despite all this talk about paring down and throwing out stuff, I have to tell you. Forth and Towne sent me a $15 coupon card for me and a guess who's going shopping soon??! Also, in the newest Shape, Self, and Cosmopolitan issues, there are free coupons for a Victoria Secret's cotton panty. There is also a coupon in the May 22nd issue of People, in case that is still on the shelf.

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