Saturday, July 29, 2006

Shopping spree

Long time no blog...but it doesn't mean that I haven't shopped! A lot of the stores have had their mid-year annual sales, and it was...just amazing. Not sure if it's because gas prices are ridiculously above $3.00 a gallon, slowing down the economy so stores need to knock prices like mad or if it's just a banner year, but either way, I win!

So the Express and Limited sales weren't all that, as usual. But Bath and Body Works manage to surprise me endlessly. They had their usual stuff on sale, but then I got the Aquatanica Gel Souffle for $4.75. Its original price was $22.00 for 5 oz. And it's some really good stuff! Aquatanica is this new line and is heavy on the whole ocean and seaweed natural ingredients, and I love the souffle. It's light and smells good. I've been meaning to buy a jar, but couldn't reason out paying more than $4 an ounce! So I'm really glad that it went on sale even though the cashier told me that they might be discontinuing the line! I also have had my eye on the Bath and Body Works bathrobe that was originally $60. It is one of the softest robes I have ever felt, and I have been eyeing them since last season's sale. I got it for 75% off, for only $15. So I'm really happy about that.

My new favorite store has been Ann Taylor Loft for the last year since they opened near me. It is very similar to Ann Taylor without the exorbitant prices. They have been having their summer sales; actually it's still going on, but it's been picked over a lot. And I've bought numerous pieces from them such as button shirts and dresses. My great buys include a suit jacket originally for $125, which I got for $29.99. It's simple and black and will work with any skirt or pair of pants. I also bought a pair of tailored black and red striped pants for only $6.88. Seriously, some of these sales are just fabulous. I think currently they may be selling their flipflops for a mere $6.88!

The other store that has had a ridiculous sale has been the Gap. I used to love the Gap when I was in high school; actually I think it's safe to say that I was obsessed with it. But then, they changed CEOs or purchasing managers or something, and they took a path away from the classic pieces that they always have had. They started coming out with ridiculous colors like fushia or lime green or electric blue. Then they started going trendy instead of sticking with the classic styles that everyone needs to have in their wardrobe. They went with all the balloon skirts, thin hanging peasant blouses, and rubber flops that no one could wear to work. I think they're currently trying to find a good balance so there is a lot of chaos in their store branding right now. So they have run a lot of sales, including one over the fourth of July weekend where everything that was on sale was an additional 50% off. It was just absolutely crazy. I bought a jean jacket that was a mere $11, low rise flare jeans for $7.50, and tshirts for $2.50. I bought some other things to round out outfits in my there were extremely good bargains for me.

Finally, last weekend when I was at home, I stopped by the mall and went to Victoria's Secret. I had expected that their semi-annual sale would be over by now, and it was just wrapping up. In fact, all leftover bras were $12.99 and all leftover panties were a mere $2.99. Score! Those bras were excellent, from Betsey Johnsons to Chantal to IPEX...really, there were like bras for $159 that were selling for a mere $12.99. I have to say too that they were selling their packets of clear bra straps for $2.99 for 3. Those are usually $12! It was a good find, and now I'm practically swimming in new bras!

What I really want now is a Kate Spade PDA case exactly like this one:

Kate Spade Brody PDA Case Posted by Picasa
Maybe I'll stop by the store this weekend.

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