Sunday, August 27, 2006

Steve and Barry's, Part Deux

Side note: I was reading the comment from someone about how Steve and Barry's treats their employees terribly, and you know, I can totally see it. Revenues, inputs, outputs, all their numbers at the prices that they have, won't add up and the only place that they can make up the numbers is at the expense of their employees and the quality of their goods. It would be a very good case study, actually. I'm always intrigued at these economics.

I digress. From that previous visit, I ended up returning the jeans because I just thought they were of a subpar quality and the black fleece pants because they were too big. Regardless, between back then in April and now, I had also picked up another pair of black fleece pants that fit me much better and doesn't pick up as much fluff as the Steve and Barry ones. Yes, I would totally agree, Steve and Barry's has an inferior quality to it, but that's to be expected for things that are $6.98 or less.

However, I managed to return them during the "Back-To-School" sale, which also advertised everything as $6.98 or less. So I ended up actually getting a long sleeved ILLINOIS shirt and a button down. I really wish they would start an XS line for the tshirts that they have because otherwise all the shirts are really big for me. Or expand the girl line so it's not all cutesy and diva-like. Some of the button-down shirts fit weird, which furthers my above theory. I wanted to get several other shirts, but they all looked weird on time, I suppose. And yes, now I'm officially a poseur.



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