Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Powerful Machine

You know, I have in my head Goldfrapp's Strict Machine, due to Nip/Tuck's promotional clips and also the new LG Hot Chocolate phone...but this LG commercial for the LG Tromm Steamwasher just gets me going. I want this washer. Slightly psycho, I realize, but this washer is amazing. Other than the fact that it is a gorgeous blue, this is a 4.0 cubic foot washer with steamwashing options. Say goodbye to half my dry cleaning! Not only that, it comes with 9 washing programs, 5 temperature levels, a sanitary cycle with added steam, AND it can be remotely operated. Actually, it is the steamwashing that gets my heart racing because it is not water cleaning, which just means that this is just so much more versatile. I would probably use this washer every single day! There is a matching dryer, and I just bet that the dryer has the newest options, including drying clothes on shelves instead of the rumble-tumble that is usually done. Now if only LG would invent a machine that will iron for you, I would be the happiest person on this planet.

P.S. McNamara/Troy has a Jura Expresso machine in their breakroom. I saw it today and yelped.

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