Sunday, March 04, 2007

Lots of shopping...but nothing in blogging

In the several months that this blog has been neglected, I have managed to amass a small fortune in material things. Quite understandably, it is hard to recount it all. But recently, I deviated from my usual course of retail therapy and walked away from what may have been the best bargain of all. At Target, in the clearance aisle, sat an untouched jewelry armoire box that was marked down to $30 from $130. It stood on its own at 5 feet, boasted 8 boxes, two swing out cabinets for necklaces, and a flip top for a mirror. I have always wanted one of these armoires, but as I am still a nomad at this point, it would have been useless to struggle with during each move. One of these days though....

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