Saturday, June 21, 2008

Growing Up

It has been a long time since I have blogged. More than a year in fact. Despite time marching on, I continue to vicariously accumulate through acquisition therapy. No, I have yet to pare down my closet, although this seems to be the year to do so as I have begun a new phrase in my life.

Several weeks ago, I was close to becoming a homeowner, especially in this "buyer's market". However, the specific market I was in was not in the dire straits that areas of Florida and California seem to be, and furthermore, appeared to be continually artificially inflated thanks to the realtor who lived in the same neighborhood and ironically had a monopoly on the real estate transactions in that subdivision. It would have been a memorable entry, the nuances of buying a house. The one thing that I did learn from the experience however is to fall in love with a house and then fall out of love enough to bargain with a critical eye. In addition, set an upper limit for yourself, a ceiling of high you believe that the house is worth, and do not go beyond that. There will always be another house. Finally, in this market, you really need to be living in that house for at least 5 years for the market value to appreciate. I would love to expound on the hours that I spent researching the area, the schools, the neighborhoods in an attempt to calculate resell value, but in all, it's a very specific process, one that would be entirely different should I do it again in a different area. There is actually a lot that I learned, both about real estate and agents in general, and things I will do differently the second time around.

So in relocating, I managed to land myself an appropriate apartment, complete with 2 good-sized walk-in closets all to myself. A fantasy come true. The reality has dumped cold water upon me, as I have yet to finish unpacking, and both closets are fairly full, indicating that sorting the necessary from the "never-agains" would open a world of benevolence. Plus, I would then have an addition excuse to shop, as while the rest of the material economy races to match pace with the inflation rate, clothing values have actually dropped by some odd percent.

Despite its well-endowed closet space, the apartment surprisingly did not have any shower rods in either of its two bathrooms, leaving me rather befuddled over how to buy the appropriate contraptions. Of course, I would have rather bought a sturdy rod that required screws to be placed in the wall. Since that was out of the question, the variety of tension rods and suction rods found ranged from functional to sublime. I tossed worries about: falling shower rods, bending shower rods, to name a few. Looking online at all the options did not appease any of my worries. I hit Lowes, KMart, Sears, Home Depot, and Walmart in an effort to find the most cost-effective shower rod out there along with curtain rings and a liner for the time being. Of course, I found what I was looking for at Walmart, for a mere $7.74. Surprisingly, for the cost, it is very sturdy, and I have been nothing but pleased with it. Right behind it, Lowes had one for $7.98, followed by KMart at $9.99. I should have know that Walmart's price would have been right for my pocketbook. The liner itself cost a mere $1.97, a far cry from the next expensive, KMart's $2.99. The plastic rings cost $1.14, although I did have a choice of getting the fish D rings at Lowes for $1.96. I stopped myself from getting a shower curtain at this point since I was not sure how I was going to decorate the bathrooms and all because none of the curtains I saw at this point struck a chord within me. I imagine this must be magnified greatly if a house was in question. The entire decor of the house would be a project of enormous proportions.

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